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Our Covid-19  Protocols

To All Our Valued Patrons


The newest restrictions from the P.H.O. have prompted us to update our COVID protocols as follows:

When you Arrive:

Proof of vaccination is required for everyone 12 years of age and up.  Everyone will be required to wear a mask when entering the premises, going to the restroom, and leaving the premises. (We will provide a disposable mask if you do not have one)

We ask that you please wait outside for us to come and seat you.

Please use the hand sanitizer provided at the entrance and throughout the premise.

While Dining:

The P.H.O. requires patrons to remain in their seat at the table they were assigned to. No table hopping, standing at other tables talking to other patrons, or coming up to the counter for ANYTHING.

The music volume cannot be louder than regular conversation levels.

We must adhere to these restrictions to avoid being shut down for non-compliance, or risk a fine of $2,000.

We appreciate your continued cooperation and understanding through these unprecedented times.

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